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Mandatory Ethics Education 

The State Government Ethics Act requires that public servants, legislators, legislative employees and ethics liaisons attend an ethics and lobbying education presentation within six months of assuming their positions and every two years thereafter. Those presentations cover:

  • Filing a Statement of Economic Interest (“SEI”)
  • Monitoring and avoiding conflicts of interest
  • The gift ban and its exceptions
  • Prohibition on use of public position for private gain
  • Lobbying and how it affects individuals covered by the State Government Ethics Act

Failure to attend an ethics and lobbying education presentation is a violation of the State Government Ethics Act and may result in the individual being recommended for removal from their public position or disciplined in their State job.

Check your compliance with the education requirement.

Education Frequently Asked Questions

Optional Lobbying Education

The Ethics Commission also periodically conducts lobbying education for lobbyists and representatives of lobbyist principals.

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