How to Use the Ethics and Lobbying Education for Public Servants On-Demand Program

  • A menu on the right side of your screen will provide a guide to the slides in the program. If you can’t see this menu, click on the three-bars icon in the top right corner and it will appear.
  • Arrow buttons in the bottom right corner of the screen will allow you to advance to the next slide or go back to a previous slide once all of information on the slide information has loaded.
  • Some slides require that you click the boxes displayed on the slide or, in the case of “quiz” slides, you will need to select the “continue” button before proceeding.
  • Closed captioning can be enabled by clicking on the “cc” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • The “” icon will allow you to replay a slide.
  • When you complete the program and proceed to the last slide, a link there will allow you to document your participation. Ethics staff will receive notice and your education record will be updated. You will also be emailed a certificate confirming your participation.
  •   Completion time should be approximately 90 minutes.
  • This program is a work in progress. Please email us at with your feedback.  Thank you!


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