SEI Helpful Tips

File by April 15th to avoid fines and other penalties.  

1. Public Records

The State Ethics Commission is required to collect and maintain Statements of Economic Interest ("SEIs") and related information. That information is public record and is available to the public upon request. Your SEI is also available on this website.

2. Contact Information Page

The Contact Information page filed with your SEI will not be available on our website, but is a public record. 

3. Children's Initials

Only list minor children’s initials on the SEI. List each child’s full legal name on the Confidential Unemancipated Children’s Form. If you are filing electronically, the form will be generated at the end of the SEI from the information that you provided on your electronic SEI. This Form is not a public record, and the State Ethics Commission will not make it available to the public. 

4. Read each question carefully

Read each question carefully. Pay close attention to the time periods in each question, as they do vary. 

5. Answer each question

Answer each question, including all applicable subparts. Even if your answer is "no" or "not applicable," make certain you answer each question. Many of the questions have "yes" and "no" boxes to check for your convenience. Incomplete SEIs may cause delays and negatively impact your public service on a covered board or as an employee. 

6. Why are you filing

You must list the complete name of the state board or state agency employer for which you are filing the SEI. Without this information, your SEI may be delayed and negatively impact your public service on a covered board or as an employee. 

7. How to file

  • The State Ethics Commission strongly recommends electronic online filing of your SEI. On-line filing it is secure, allows you to easily update your information, and gives you access to any electronic SEIs previously filed. On-line filing is easy, quick, convenient, and reduces the chance of reporting errors. Follow these simple steps to create an account and file electronically. 
  • To file a paper version of the SEI, you must mail a signed, original SEI to the Commission. Each SEI includes an "affirmation" and is a legally binding document. Faxed or emailed copies of your paper SEI cannot be accepted. 

8. Income

List each source of income as requested on the SEI. The actual dollar amount is not required. Be sure to list your employer as a source of income in Question # 6 of the SEI. 

9. Read carefully

Read each question carefully, as the Ethics Act requires that you disclose your financial holdings and obligations, personal property, and real property and may also include your knowledge of the holdings of both your immediate family and your extended family. “Immediate family” and “extended family” are defined terms in the State Government Ethics Act, and those definitions are included with this document. 

10. Reflect

Think carefully about WHY you are filing, and whether it has any relationship to your position. Does your board or commission license or regulate you? For many of the boards, a subject matter expert like a licensee is needed. Answering “yes” does not prohibit your service on the board, and your perspective is valued. 

11. Make a copy

Make a copy of the SEI for your own records, and make a note in your calendar when you submit it, whether on-line or by mail or hand delivery. When you successfully submit your SEI electronically on-line, the final screen will provide a confirmation number and will be proof that you have satisfied your filing obligation. Please print or save the confirmation screen for your records. 

12. Ethics Liaison

Contact your agency's Ethics Liaison to assist you with your obligations under the Ethics Act. Your Ethics Liaison is good source of information about how to complete your SEI. 

13. Definitions

As noted above, certain terms are defined in the Ethics Act. These definitions may be helpful to you in completing your SEI. 

14. Your internet browser  

For best results, we recommend using the following browser versions for completion of your electronic SEI:

  • Microsoft Windows:
    • Chrome version 69.0.3497.100 and above (locate version: Help, then About)
    • Internet Explorer version 11 and above (locate version: Tools, then About IE)
    • Edge version 16.16299 and above (locate version: Settings, then Edge HTML)
    • Firefox version 64.0.2 and above (locate version: Help then About Firefox)
  • Apple Macintosh: OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 and above (Safari, then About Safari)
  • Apple iPad: iOS version 12.0.1 and above (iPad 4 and above) (locate version: Settings, then General, then About)
  • Apple iPhone: 12.1.2 and above (iPhone 5s and above) (locate version: Settings, then General, then About)

 15. We are here to help you

In addition to on-line resources and written materials, the State Ethics Commission has expert staff ready to answer any questions you might have and assist you in completing and filing your SEI.