Formal Legislative Advisory Opinions

This section lists formal advisory opinions issued by the Legislative Ethics Committee to legislators pursuant to section G.S.120-104 and G.S.138A-13(b).

Legislators may request recommended formal advice from the Ethics Commission or formal advice directly from the Committee. The Ethics Commission publishes formal advisory opinions issued by the Legislative Ethics Committee within 30 days of receipt from the Committee. Unless the legislator authorizes the publication of an unedited version, as noted below, the Committee edits the opinions as necessary to protect the requester's identity.

The Legislative Ethics Committee also issues "Ethics Principles and Guidelines" applicable to members of the General Assembly.

More information about obtaining a formal advisory opinion from the Commission or informal advice from the Commission’s staff.

Year Advisory Opinion Description Citations
2023 AO-LEC-23-001

Conflict of Interest Analysis Regarding Former Gaming Client

In accordance with G.S. 120-104(g), Speaker Moore has authorized the publication of an unedited version of this opinion.

G.S. 138A-37(a)
2021 AO-LEC-21-001 Conflict of Interest Analysis and General Class Description G.S. 138A-37(a) and G.S. 138A-38
2018 AO-LEC-18-001 Reconsideration of New Voter Letters G.S. 120-104(f), G.S. 120-104(c), G.S. 120-104(g), and G.S. 163A-157
2017 AO-LEC-16-001 

Acceptance of Expanded Gas Products Service Grant.

In accordance with G.S. 120-104(g). Senator Jackson has authorized the publication of an unedited version of this opinion.

G.S. 138A-31, G.S. 138A-37(a), and G.S. 138A-38
2016 AO-LEC-15-005

Concurrent Service as Member and as County or City Attorney.

In accordance with G.S. 120C-104(g), Speaker Moore authorized the publication of an unedited version of this opinion.

G.S. 138A-31 and G.S. 138A-37(a)
2015 AO-LEC-15-003 Use of Legislative Resources to Send Letters of Recommendation G.S. 138A-31(b)
2015 AO-LEC-15-004 House Bill 127 (DOT Condemnation Changes) Duty to Vote, Conflict of Interest Analysis, and Recusal Process G.S. 138A-38(a)(1), G.S. 138A-31(a), and G.S. 138A-37(a)
2014 AO-LEC-14-002 Legislator's Official or Legislative Action Resulting in Benefit to Member of Legislator’s Extended Family G.S. 138A-31 and G.S. 138A-38
2014 AO-LEC-14-001  Legislator Solicitation of Funds for Certain Tax-Exempt Organizations  
2013 AO-LEC-13-001 Use of Constituent Information  
2013 AO-LEC-13-002 Application of Ethics Laws to Legislator's Employment at a Private Company G.S. 138A, G.S. 120 and G.S. 120C
2012 AO-LEC-12-001  Further Guidance on the Use of Legislative Resources to Send New Voter Letters G.S. 120-104(a) and G.S. 138A-13(e)
2010 AO-LEC-10-001  Legislator Acceptance and Reporting of Trip Expenses G.S. 138A-32(c) and G.S. 138A-24(a)(8)
2009 E-09-0002 Legislator Bidding on State Construction Contracts G.S. 138A-31(a)G.S. 138A-37(a), and G.S. 138A-32(a)
2009 AO-LEC-09-002 Legislator Attempting to Eliminate State Funding for Contract Employee's Position with State University G.S. 120-86.1 
2009 AO-LEC-09-001 Proceeding with Legislation After Receiving an Offer from a Lobbyist to Assist Legislator's Constituent if Legislator Discontinues Work on Legislation G.S. 138A-32(a)
2009 AO-E-09-0001 Whether Legislators and Legislative Employees May Solicit and Obtain Monetary or In-Kind Contributions from Lobbyist Principals in Order to Provide Support for the 2009 Southern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting. 
In accordance with G.S. 138A-13(e), Senator Garrou and Representative Howard have authorized the publication of an unedited version of this opinion.
G.S. 138A 32(c) and G.S. 120C-303(d)
2008 E-08-0001 See AO-E-09-0001 G.S. 120-104(a) and 138A-13(e)
2008 E-08-0003 Disclosure of Extended Family Member's Business and Customers on Statement of Economic Interest G.S. 138A-31(a), G.S. 138A-37(a), and G.S. 138A-38
2007 LEC-07-001 Use of Legislative Postage and Stationery to Send Communications upon the Occurrence of a Significant Event, Letter to Newly-Registered Voters, and Holiday Greetings.
See also AO-LEC-12-001
G.S. 138A-24
2007 E-07-0001 Legislator Participation in Official Actions G.S. 138A-37 and 138A-38
2007 E-07-0002 Legislator Participation in State Government Task Forces G.S. 138A-31 and 138A-37
2007 E-07-0003 Participation in Legislative Actions Concerning a Nonprofit and Acceptance of Meals G.S. 138A-32 and 138A-37
2007 E-07-0004 Legislator Acceptance of Trip Expenses G.S. 138A-31 and G.S. 138A-32
2007 E-07-0006 Speaker Gift Ban Exception G.S. 138A-32(c) and G.S. 138A-32(e)(3)
2007 E-07-0007 Legislator Participation in Official Actions that Would Benefit Spouse's Business G.S. 138A-37
2007 E-07-0008 Solicitation of Donations for Charitable Organization Food Drive G.S. 138A-31(b) and 138A-38(b)
2007 E-07-0009 Attendance at American Legislative Exchange Council Meeting G.S. 138A-37 and 138A-38
2007 E-07-0010 Donations to a Charitable Organization Organized by Members of the General Assembly G.S. 138A-32
2007 E-07-0011 Acceptance of Honoraria for Graduation Speech G.S. 138A-32(h)
2007 E-07-0012 Legislator Teaching at a UNC School and Conflicts of Interest G.S. 138A-37(a)