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Persons subject to the State Government Ethics Act must file a Statement of Economic Interest ("SEI") prior to being appointed, employed, or elected and annually by April 15th of each year. Since that date is a Saturday in 2023, the deadline will be April 17th. The Ethics Commission evaluates SEIs filed by Executive Branch officials, referred to as public servants.

Elected officials subject to the Ethics Act who are no longer serving in 2023 must also file a post service SEI by April 17th.

In addition, members of Metropolitan and Rural Planning Organizations ("MPO" and "RPO") Transportation Advisory Committees ("TACs") must file an SEI and a Real Estate Disclosure Form ("RED") annually by April 17th.

Those who do not file required SEIs within 60 days of the April 17th deadline are subject to a $250 fine, to be assessed by the State Ethics Commission, and possible removal from their position. In addition, MPO and RPO TAC members are subject to an additional $250 fine for failure to file a timely RED and may be subject to criminal penalties for late filing of their SEI and RED.