Candidate SEI Filing

Candidates for judicial offices (District, Superior Court, and Appeals Court Judges; Supreme Court Justice; District Attorney; and Clerk of Court), General Assembly (NC House and Senate) and Council of State must file a Candidate SEI between January 1, 2024 and January 22, 2024. Note that candidate SEI filing was moved from December 2023 to January 2024 by recent legislation.

The first day candidates may file an SEI is  January 1, 2024. You must file a 2024 SEI, which will be available on January 1, 2024. Please do not file a 2023 SEI because it will not be accepted.

2024 Candidate SEI Newsletter

2024 SEI Long Form
For those candidates who did not file a 2023 SEI or those candidates who filed a 2023 SEI but are running for a different office in 2024.

2024 SEI No Change Form
Those candidates running for the same office and who filed a 2023 SEI.  You may  file a 2024 No Change Form if there were no changes to the information disclosed on the last SEI Long Form filed. Before filing a No Change Form please carefully review your last filed Long Form as you will be asked to affirm that there have been no changes since the filing of that Long Form.

Those Serving in a Covered Position in 2024 Who File a 2024 SEI As A Candidate Will Satisfy Their Regular SEI Filing Requirement
If you are currently serving a  position which requires that you file a 2024 SEI you should file as a candidate and a current covered person, satisfying both the annual SEI filing requirement and the candidate filing requirement.  However, in order to meet the candidate SEI filing deadline you must file your 2024 SEI no later than January 22, 2024.